Shared: Advice For Start Up Blogs πŸ’»

8 Pieces of Advice for Anyone Starting a Blog –

12 Responses to “Shared: Advice For Start Up Blogs πŸ’»”
  1. ymsheree says:

    I am new to blogging. I just set up my page to promote my books, poems, and just my thoughts. I loved the article it was very helpful. I thank you for sharing.

  2. Great article. Helped me get some clarification over few matters. Thanks.

  3. jwuollife says:

    My problem at the moment is; actually finding time to work on my blog – I have a 3rd party who always has something that needs doing, or wants my attention, and my priorities become secondary……Gawd! Doesn’t that sound like a terrible excuse? I need to get things a little better organised, or run-away – personally, I quite like the 2nd option πŸ˜€

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