Does Publishing Have a Future without Amazon? –

5 thoughts on “Shared: Publishing Future Without Amazon?

  1. I follow several inde authors. One of which was adopted and is now being published by Amazon. I don’t think we’ll lose Amazon as a publishing company. There is a lot of trash out there, but there is a ton of good stuff. I don’t often shop elsewhere since Amazon is so easy to get books from as a reader. I am not an author, so will have to wait and see where things go in that venue. I do recall, however, about 10 years ago there was talk that Nook was going to put Kindle out of business……….you just never know!


  2. I’d be sad without amazon. I don’t do the KDP thing in self publishing as my goals are different from most self published authors. It’s not that I do not want to sell books but rather I like the print preservation and greater control of POD through any outlet. Without Amazon however, I think the void would be hard to fill.

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